Noella Menon

Noella Menon has been doing jingles and voice overs for leading brands since she was in college. The short film, Haptics, which she scripted and lent her voice for the lead role 'Diana', got international recognition when it won Best Animated Short at the Hollywood Film Festival 2006. Besides this, she has produced and lent her voice to several humorous animated shorts and cartoons published on leading entertainment portals such as,,,,,, and She runs her own voice over and jingle studio called 'VelvetVoices'.


Dan Morris

After starting voice over work originally as a hobby, Dan took to making it more of a profession after interest from many voice seekers. Currently he resides in South-Devon, England. He often performs up on stage as an active musician playing the Bass guitar in the 'Morris Brothers Band'. This is his real passion, music and his ultimate goal is to succeed as a professional musician.


Lauren Burns



Elliot Wong

Betsy LaPolla

Betsy was bitten by the acting bug at the age of 10 when she was cast in her first stage role.  Since then, she has been involved in several stage productions and has done  local radio ads and video narration.

Betsy began voice acting this past May as a way to satisfy her "inner ham".  She lives in Upstate New York with her husband and young son.



Melissa D. Johnson


Crystal Lonnquist

Since Tigers' Quest II: The Tigers' Second Quest, Crystal graduated from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN with a degree in Studio Art (emphasis in Graphic Design) and a Minor in Theater. She then packed her bags and moved to New York City to pursue more voice over work and a career in graphic design. She currently helps design mens' shirts by day and voice acts by night and weekends. On September 27th, she won the New York Anime Festival's "Who Wants to Be a Voice Actor?" competition and her voice will be appearing in an upcoming English dub of a Japanese cartoon.


Jeffrey Coburn

Acting since he was seven years old, Jeffrey Coburn has numerous credits to his name, include Disney, BBC, and Paramount. Although having worked in every medium, his preference is voiceover work and the theatre. He currently spends his time commuting between California and his home in Washington.

Dr. Jeff Erwin

Jason Taylor

Having drama lessons in 2001, hehelped start a local drama group and went on to act in several plays. Beginning in 2007, he began a career his a voice-over artist.



Daivd Rodwell

Michael Grantland

Harish Bhimani

Described Harish Bhimani as ‘One of the Most Recognisable Voices of India’, he has appeared in over 1,600 productions, as well as appeaing in A.G.E.N.T.S and Mejo.  He is the recipient of HMV's Gold Disc.


Monica Ballard

Ms. Ballard grew up performing, often writing and directing her sisters and playmates in epic religious dramas or musicals as early as age 6. Bred in a very musical family, her house was alive with rock n’ roll jam sessions as well as classical piano lessons. A move to Florida brought involvement in community theatre as an actress and set designer while still in her teens. Monica received her BA in Theatre from The University of West Florida and her MFA from UNC-Greensboro. Between those two stints, she worked professionally as an actor and technician. Veering off into radio and copywriting in the Carolinas, Monica married, moved to Austin, Texas, became widowed, wrote and voiced a couple of audio books and holds several interesting jobs, including Ghost Tour Guide and Investigator for Haunted Texas.



James Donaldson

Jim Bucker

David Slone

Aside from appeaing in After the Quest, David is about to reprise his role as Drosselmeyer in Angela Harriell's Nutcracker: Rated R, which he co-conceived, co-produced and has already performed in for two sold-out seasons. Other favorite roles include Satan in Randy Weiner’s Stairway to Hell, Rabbi Kishka Meldstein in Evan Laurence's My Inner Mark Berman, and Rev. Bone and Salad Man in Jack Bump's Sportf*ckers and Deviants, Arise!, respectively.

Leonard Ainsworth


Deanne O'Day

After teaching in the science field for many years, Deanne decided to try her hand at voice acting.  Her teaching experience as well as fifteen years involvement in community theater enabled her to make the transition an easy one. Deanne now enjoys and works at Voice Acting so much that she has her own home studio in Western New York.

Kimberly Ainsworth


Steve Anderson


Greg Nugent

A native of Massachusetts, Greg is currently a senior in college with a chosen major in Theatre Arts. He has been active in voice acting since 2005, but he has been interested in the acting genre since Middle School, performing in a handful of stage productions over the years. Ultimately, He hopes to break into the professional industry one day and get a career in voice acting.


Tony Reeves


Lee Sands

Before beginning his new hobby in amateur audio production, he had been a fanfiction author, a council tax clerical clerk, a retail employee (hell) and a media student where his interest in amateur productions began. His media class required him to look at independent cinema and research other groups, but by doing this research he found sites such as VAA, DarkerProjects and Star Trek: New Voyages. Eventually he found Batman: The Ace of Detectives which he became hooked on right away thanks to his love for Batman: Knightfall audio productions.



John Wray



James K. Flynn


Cyrus Oliver

A native of Kansas, Cyrus Oliver II began imitating cartoon voices at as a young age and voice-acting in puppet shows at church functions. His voice-acting led him to acting in theatre and both live-action and audio commercials as well as working in radio. His voice has been put to use in several animations, online videogames, and radioplays. His interest in voice over spawned from his interest in cartooning, which he also enjoys. Cyrus’ comics have been featured in several newspapers as well as MotoPlayground Magazine and The Pickle Illustrated. He’s currently studying at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and contributing to local projects in Sydney; both in film and cartooning.


Michael Paladine

Michael is  based in Brooklyn, New York and recently entered acting and voiceovers. After the Quest is his first role and his long-term goal is to be versatile in voiceovers. He has trained with Marla Kirban and has attended seminars with Jeannie Elias and Hynden Walch.


Matt Forrest

It should probably come as no surprise that Matt ended up in entertainment.  As a kid, he would write skits and record them - voices, sound effects, and all - onto his dad's Panasonic cassette deck.  He discovered theatre acting while in school, and eventually moved on to voiceover work, audio production, and even some mini-film work.  Matt’s voice has been heard everywhere:  on the HBO Comedy website…at Vermont’s State Rest Areas…flash animation games and pod casts…and on countless radio commercials across the country.

When he’s not working, he spends his time at home with his new wife, Jennifer, and his two girls from a previous marriage, Lauren and Katherine.


Roberta Mussato

Roberta Mussato moved from a little and quiet country village in Italy to busy and hectic London, pursuing her dreams – though she had no clear ideas what they were.

Possessed by a typical Gemini nature that makes her interested in variety and multitude, of experiences and people, she has found in voice-over the possibility to become someone new and different every time, ranging from flirtatious Cleopatra in a videogame to a stern project manager in a corporate DVD.


Sue McNeill

Sue McNeill joined the voice over community earlier this year. She finds voice over work an exciting way to express her vocal talents in a new and exciting arena. Her favorite work involves character voices She has been involved in community theater since 1980 in the Twin Cities.  Sue has had lead roles in Camelot, Sound of Music, Damn Yankess, South Pacific, and Lil Abner.  She has released 4 CDs since 2001, singing everything from pop standards to her favorite hymns.


Sandor Bors



Phillip Russon



Peter O'Connell


Lord Steven

Preferring the life of a recluse, Lord Steven has authored many tomes under several different pen names. After the Quest  is the third of five novels in the Tigers' Quest series. Almost most of his work has been in the science fiction and fantasy realms, his goal is to write at least one novel for each genre.

One of Lord Steven's most favourite stories is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Sharp readers will find homages to that story throughout the Tigers' Quest series.

Julio Angel Ortiz

Network Engineering is only a minor dabble, something to occupy his time when he is not engaged in his real passion: writing. Of himself, he says "Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, you can only imagine what an exciting upbringing I had in suburbia. Constant gun battles, ninja attacks, and repelling alien invasions, it was tough getting things done. Oh, wait, none of that ever happened."

Jared Cowing

Jared Cowing is a young musician studying composition and audio production at Ithaca College where he studies with composers Dana Wilson, Sally Lamb, and Gregory Woodward. He has been writing music for six years in various styles, though his most prominent influences are modern classical and film music. He has written works for numerous projects and performers, receiving performances from both small and large ensembles. Upon graduation he hopes to write music for video games, film or television. He also plays the bassoon, piano and violin.

Sanjay Agrawal

Sanjay is the moderator of the WordAnywhere message board where he willing and able to assist anyone who is looking for translations to the Hindi language.

Silvina Maldonado


Martin Fallon


Thomas Himinez

Tom Himinez is the current president of Everlasting Films. Having been an actor and writer for over twenty years, his experience in front of the camera and microphone brings invaluable skill behind it. When not acting, he keeps busy as a Real Estate investor and working on productions behind the scenes.






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