Weve walked together past many new ways
Sun and stormy weather spending our young days
Yes, I know
I thought wed be young forever
Here we are, weve gone so far,
I come to this, my path to go,
Is mine alone
Im ready

- Claira (My Time Is Now)


Once, many humans came to this part of India with their guns and took a terrible toll.  This was called "The Great Slaughter".  Many years passed before humans were seen again, but return they did.  Now, humans and animals find themselves vying for the same land, the Indian government bent on resettling villages into what was once jungle territory.  Clashes were inevitable, and they were becoming more frequent.

These clashes eventually lead to the death of both Tiggra and Clairese, two Royal Bengal tigers.  Their cubs, finding themselves left alone, must struggle to survive in a world increasingly hostile toward their existence.  Too young, too inexperienced, and with the odds against them, Firberan and his siblings are traumatised after having just witnessed the death of their mother by the Killers' fire-stick...




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