Firstborn of Tiggra and Clairese.  Brother to Joshua, Claira, and Windie.  As firstborn, he is supposed to be the leader of his siblings, but really, he's too young to take such responsibilities seriously.  He does try at times, though, but he doesn't exactly command respect.  Now, he finds himself thrust into a leadership role he isn't ready for.


Second born of Tiggra and Clairese.  Brother to Firberan, Claira, and Windie.  Thinks Firberan doesn't take his responsibilities as firstborn seriously enough and that he would be a better leader.  But Joshua is a bit timid and would never do good in the role.  Wants nothing to do with humans, fearing them.


Third born of Tiggra and Clairese.  Sister to Firberan, Joshua, and Windie.  Given the Parental, her name is the combination of CLAIRese/tiggrA.  This makes her think she is the favourite.  She is, however, very empathetic and strongly emotional.  Thus she makes friends...and enemies...easily.  Hates humans with a passion for what they did to her mother and father.


Fourth and last-born of Tiggra and Clairese.  Sister to Firberan, Joshua, and Claira.  Playful, fun, and full of energy.  Named well, she can beat any of her siblings in a race and is definitely more athletic than all of them.  Being last in the litter makes her feel she has something to prove, but she doesn't get involved in any of the sibling rivalries.  After all, last born is last born and she really doesn't care.  Wants revenge on the humans for all their sins.

Dr. Jeff Erwin

Zoologist.  Served in the Navy during WWII, he is now a conversationalist, having seen enough death during the war.  Passionate about his cause, he can sometimes be a bit blinded by it, not always considering the human consequence of his actions.  His current focus is attempting to minimise the impact of human encroachment upon the jungles of India.

Michael Grantland

Arrived in India to work on his doctorate thesis in Environmental Science.  To that end, he is a research assistant to Dr. Erwin.  Having never left the hallowed halls of academia, he isn't used to getting his hands dirty and really considers it beneath him to do so.  Otherwise, an honest and amiable individual.


Strong, determined, charismatic.  Believes that the animals should gather together and fight against the humans before the humans turn and destroy all the animals.  Will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with his righteous cause.

Jim Buckler

Big game hunter, he's been on lots of safaris to both Africa and India, though more to Africa.  Hired by the well-to-do to lead them on hunts.  Loves what he does.  Has a lot of stories to tell.


Village elder in a manner of speaking.  Certainly not aged, but does tend to speak for the village.  Is more concerned about eking out a living than wanting to bother with environmentalism, preserving endangered species, etc.  His village is very poor, barely surviving.  They need more land for farming, more water, more money.  They are desperate.


Mate to Shetra.  Feminine and motherly.  Has had a litter of her own, but is currently between litters.  When she meets the cubs, her heart goes out to them due to their tragedy and wants to adopt them as her own.

Leonard and Kimberly Ainsworth

Wealthy.  Came to India to "bag a tiger".  Sheltered all their lives, all they know of hunting are the romanticized stories.  Never been to the real jungle before.  Looks down on those "beneath" them, but Leonard would not be so rude as to voice his opinion on the matter to their face.





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